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I've never rebuilt an engine before and I'm taking on a pretty large project. I have a 283 sm. block Chevy that I intend on installing in a Fiero. I know, crazy huh?

Anyway, I need suggestions or links to somewhere where I can purchase a full high performance kit to build this motor up. I don't want to bore the block, I just want new heads, pistons, cam, manifold, carbs, whatever you guys suggest to get the maximum amount of hp out of it.

What do you guys suggest?

I know this is the introductory page, so:

I'm Dennis from a hick town in Missouri. I'm a design engineer for D3 Technical Services. And I need HELP building this engine!!!

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Please repost this in the engine forum..283 has been done lots of times..

You will probably need to bore the engine and a trip to the machine shop for tank and re-machining the block is a mandatory deal to get a good rebuild..

Lots of books on the subject so do some homework in that regard..

Jegs and summit have HP kits and can fix you well as the guys at the local parts store..

Absolute cleanliness is vital when doing the assembly of the engine..any forign material can ruin an engine..

Heads and cam? evryone has their own ideas on this area..Mine is to just get some 2.02 intake heads such as edelbrock...and go with their you need it to idle or do you care about can do roller cam if you like..

It boils down to how much horsepower you are willing to pay for in todays world..

hope you get it done..

V-8 Fiero I think has been done..have tod some checking on that piece..since they used the Iron duke origainally I think that the v-8 should go in..check on having the tranny reworked to accomodate the increase in HP and there will probably be some hacking and whacking in the engine compt to get the 283 in there..

hope it workd for you..!!
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