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Please help me...I'm so confused about this! :pain: I have a '91 Sonoma with a '98 5.7 in it that I have been having fun with for quite a while. Last winter I tore it down to upgrade some stuff and when I got it back together I am now getting a P1345 code when it starts....not when it runs but only on startup (when I clear it it won't come back). Sometimes when it is hot there is no code at all.

I have searched the posts and googled "gm p1345" so I know what the issue is. The cam and the crank are not lined up. I know that I need to line up the cam and the crank, but it looks like the posts all talk about "rotating the distributor"...which of course I started doing when I was timing my friends' cars back in 1962. :p

...but this dang distributor will not rotate! :( It is keyed to the hold-down and is not designed to turn! :pain: I mean literally, it is locked into 1 position. I'll tell you I am ready to throw my pacemaker at it!! (or else go inside and pour another glass of cheap wine!)

I would guess that it is slightly retarded at this point. Not enough not to run but enough to give all the other "retard" symptoms other old geezers like me would recognize. Slow to start...low engine temp...soft exhaust note...

So how do these vortec engines get the timing lined up? Is this a purely computer adjustment? I would REALLY appreciate your advice on this!! :thumbup:

Thanks in advance...Dave
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