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Have to disagree regarding replacing ALL the wood. I am in the final stages of rodding my '36. While I consider it a 'must' to replace the door wood, the only other wood I replaced with steel was around the trunk opening, and that was only because I altered it from a trunk to a rumble seat. The wood over the doors was in such good shape all I did was treat it with spare varnish. Same with the rear window frame. (It was almost like new). I replaced the b-pillar wood (driver's side was actually broken) with new stuff. There are a few places around that make very good quality wood reproduction parts. For replacing the (still serviceable) sill plates, I purchased some very nice mahogany, had a cabinet shop plane it to the right thickness, and did the rest myself with a skill saw, router, files, drills, etc.
Its sooo much easier to make/buy wood replacement stuff. And considering the fact that, for example, the wood in my car had been there for 65+ years and except for the doors was serviceable or better, and given the fact that any '36 restored/rodded today is going to get a whole lot more TLC in the next 65 years than the last 65, I just don't see any reason to replace it.
I even think there may be some sound deadening advantages in using wood for the b-pillars and sill plates.

TC33, here are some pics of my project...
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