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Hello to all !

I live in Nova Scotia Canada and have been involved with cars as long as I can remember - had to- came from that sort of family.
I have a long history in road racing - first in GT-2 then in GT-1 and was lucky enough to win a number of champiomships in both classes. A few years ago I moved to stock car racing (Pro Stock) Wow that will humble you in a hurry - big learning curve! I stopped racing for a few years and then last year, we re-assembled the gear and a team for another shot (sucker for punishment). I did a limited schedule last year and will likely do the same next year (we run a Howe M car). I have a wonderful wife and 2 boys; the oldest has the racing bug and will likley be the one to wear out or wreck my gear, and the youngest is a hot rod buff - just likes to turbo stuff, go fast and break things!
We love late 50's early 60's cars with modern drive trains and have been known to build a few in our day.

Cheers to all !
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