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i'm new to this site but not new to the world..As a young teenager i always had a part time job after school and a full time summer job.. I had to work... Cars and Girls what else was a young dude to do/dew/due??//1964 my first car at 16 was a 2dr '50 Chevy. In 1965 it was a '56 2 dr. chevy sedan w/265 vette eng out to In 1966 it was a new '66 ford fairlane 390 GTA..
'67-71 spent 4 years in the USN...Diesel Submarine EN2(SS) and I ain't been right sense..I work as a fabricator/designer for the 'only American Sportbike Company in the USA>>Now my biggest challenge is my newly acquired 1953 Studebaker champion (starliner) and it looks like i must build a new frame. The Stude is a wisconsin car and the frame is basically rusted away..
I love a Train Wreck
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