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Hey All,
I just regiserd to this very helpful forum. I currently have an ongoing project that I have been tinkering on for a couple years now. Lately I haven't had much time to work in the shop with school, and an upcoming marriage is hard on the wallet as well. So, for some inspiration, I bought a computer and got on the internet to research parts and options for my "affair" ( as my girlfriend likes to refer to my project ). I've got a 2 door '89 S10 Blazer. Originally a 4X4 I am converting to a RWD frame, Ground up resto., fiberglass interior, new "everything". The engine? Well, I haven,t quite come to terms with an engine choice. N/A small block, turbo small block, turbo 4.3, turbo 2.2 four banger. I know for sure I want fuel injection that I can tune with my laptop. I have a 350 and a few 4.3's laying around I just have to make a decision.
Anyway, I hope to get some insight from this forum and help as much as I can with the experience that I have.


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