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trying to find out some information on a 87 chevy s-10 pickup 2wd with a 2.8 v6 so i'm trying my luck here
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what do you need to know about it

welcome to hotrodders forums

last fall i had a 91 s-10 ext cab 2wd with the 2.8L and 5 speed

was a smooth runner very reliable and ran like brand new but the body was trashed rotted out so i sold it to a friend and then it got rear ended but still driveable and insurance gave him freaking 1400 for it lol then he sold it off

my brother has a 92 reg cab 2wd longbed and its 4.3L and 700r4 and has a bilion miles, around 270k on it and it keeps on going and going and he has bene really rough on it no maintainance and its rotting out now, was a real nice clean truck when he bought it years ago,

ive had a few of these trucks over the years

good luck
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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