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Hello fellow Hot Rodders and muscle car enthusiasts. It feels good to be in this group already. Found this site when doing a search on google for difference in square port or oval port heads. What I have is a 30 ft Bayliner boat with a 454, 91 vintage. This is a stock engine with the exception I threw out the quadrajet carb and put on an Edelbrock 1410 750 cfm carb.
I want to put on a MSD ignition and distributor and a new intake. The intake I'm thinking about is the Weiand Stealth. Any comments on ignitions (marine) or jazzing up this motor is welcome. OK, so much for boats. I live in Kennewick, WA and yes I have a few hot rods too. '98 Ford Mustang convertible (4.6) a '74 Ford T-Bird (460), '76 Ford F-250 pick up with a hot 429 that keeps up with the Vets up to 100, then they wave by-by. I have fun with the cars and boats. Nice to be a member of this group and will be talking to you about cars frequently.

Rick Johnson
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