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New motor one lifter bad

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I am hoping someone can help me to know what is going on with one of my hydraulic lifters. I have a brand new crate sbc motor. I went through the valve train to confirm lash. I noticed that one of the lifters is not all the way to the top of the retainer ring. Is this lifter just low on oil because it is new? Can I bleed the lifter to fill it back up?
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I never meant like high rpm "pump up", all I meant was that when the lifter will go soft at times if you let it sit for a few minutes then the plunger will work its way back up and the valve lash should be tight like it should.

At least that is how it has always worked with me on my roller lifters. I did not have the best of words I could think of to describe it in the proper terms. I had seen that in a video before on setting valve lash on small block chevy engines.

I know sometimes they might stay loose and bleed down but once the engine is started it builds pressure and is good to go if properly set.

My apologies if I caused any confusion and just read Bogies post as he gives all the best info you need to have it described.
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