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New Mustang?

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Here's the deal. . I just sold my Duece and am considering buying a 2005 Mustang. However, right now there's nothing too exciting about the car engine wise. I have seen some threads regarding Steeda, Saleen, Rousch and others coming up with their own versions, but the prices they are throwing around are pretty steep. I admit that I really like the body style, some of the power trane options but the engine just needs more power!

So here's the dilema. . . spend $27,000 on a new car, drop another $3000 - $5000 to make it run, knowing I'll likely loose my ***** when and if I sell it, or. . . go for an older style body, hot rod it, play with it a few years, then get most of my money back.

What do you think?
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screw that, spend HALF that money on a real car, get it all back when you sell it, and go twice as fast.... then you've got something not everybody and their brother has, too!

Dare to be different, I am with Killer too.
I've got a warranty on all my cars.

Its right inside my toolbox.

your not gona find too many people in here that will tell you to buy a new car. im with killer my self.
ps one of my friend's dad is in charger of ford financial, and he told us that as a suprise their going to make a Shelby GT 350 (with 350 HP) and a GT 500 (with 500 HP) but i think they will be out of your price range. by the way they said this was planned for 2006
You only live once Jsdailey, if you have the means I would go for it. I haven't seen as nice a car as the new Mustang in a looooong time. The exhaust note is especially sexy.

Get a black on black convertible with leather...loaded, they hold their value best. We call them triple blacks and I know of people who seeks these rare combinations out as collectors.

Hotrod parts will be coming out over the next few years specific to that vehicle, my first addition would be a Paxton or other similar supercharger. Easily removed and car value isn't destroyed by a mod you can't turn back to stock.

[cough] warranty [cough];)
Chuck's point is also one well taken, if you are set on getting a new car, the new mustang is most certainly a great ride. They spent the time and money engineering that car to earn our respect, even as hotrodders. Its brand new, has great lines, its not copying anything and its priced so that regular freaking people can own one! If you want to get a new car so that your wife can drive it too or something.

I'll always be for old rides first, that's just how I am- to each his own and whatnot. That said, the new mustang is the first car I've seen in a long time where I immediately thought "nice, good job." Lets just say I've seen the C6 and the GTO too...:rolleyes:

And I'm not even a ford guy!

I say, if you want the Mustang, go for it. If you want more power, add a supercharger, and reprogram the computer. I am guessing you can get 450+ hp out of it, since the stock GT is 300 to start with.
I am not saying that an old rod isnt the ticket, but you sound as if you really like the 'Stang. You could wait a year and buy a slightly used one, and modify it of course! Personally I think the new Mustang is a pretty nice set of wheels. Wouldnt mind one myself, but unfortunately I know I cant afford one at this time, but a couple years down the road...............

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