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new on the streets

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good morning to this stuff but love it. have built several cars and now addicted. please forgive the redundancy of the questions i may have later on. at present working on a 62 olds f85 and 60 rambler station wagon (like the odd stuff). chat later...cliff (rideconsult)
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Welcome to the site... :thumbup:
rideconsult said:
at present working on a 62 olds
Just sold a '62 Buick Special (215 V8, 4-bbl. engine, AT), so if you also have the aluminum V8, I and others here are fairly well versed on anything pertaining to it- even though your Olds engine differs from the Buick somewhat.

And, there's builds going on currently with the Rambler iron- including a wagon or two, also.

Welcome aboard!

as mentioned new to this stuff ...hope not to screw up to much. need to run now....
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