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I finished installing new Comp Cams roller tip rockers today. I turned it over several times before starting it with no problems. I added some oil stabilizer to the tops of the rockers to make sure everything was well lubed. I used assembly lube when putting it together but any extra wasn't going to hurt. I set the lash by the method found on this web site using tape and marks on the damper at 45 degree increments and replaced and set one valve at a time. Everything looked good. Seems like all the nuts were tightened about the same. I went zero lash then 1/2 turn for the preload. After turning it over several times with the starter I could spin some of the pushrods I had already set.

I buttoned everything up including putting the A/C compressor back into its normal position. I started it after a few cranks and it seemed to run a little rough at first. I let it warm up and it didn't run to much better. All of a sudden it sounded like the rocker all got loose. I turned it off. Up to that point I had about 15hg on the vacuum guage and a slight bounce. I thought, carp, now I have to take everything apart again, including the A/C and tighten another 1/2 turn.

I tired starting it again after a minute and everything was fine. The vacuum went up to 18 and steady. It still has a lope. I have dual exhaust with no crossover which might add to some of that. It had it before I change rockers. It goes down to about 12 when I step on it but holds at 18 when I give it gas and hold it. It goes to about 22 when I let off.

What do think cause the rattle? Why would it fix itself. The rattle only lasted for a few seconds before I turned it off. Now when I shut it down, it make a big sucking noise. Is this due to the added HP since the thing now thinks it has a bigger cam? I used 1.52 rockers.

I have not retimed it yet and it is running a little fast at idle. Sound pretty good when I step on it.
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