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Well here's the project I'm working on. This site looked like a great site for specifics and help building up a 383 motor for my Jtruck.

So here's the Project. 76 Jeep J10 Long Bed is getting an organ transplant from my 96 GMC K2500 which is now scrap. The motor, NV4500 tranny,NP241 TransferCase, and 14 bolt rear end are going into the Jeep truck.

The 350 that came out of the truck is having the shortblock replaced with a 383 shortblock I got from motor crate engine out of portland. A local machine shop has already redone my heads and said they were in GREAT condition for 155k mile heads. Only custom work I had done was the 30 degree back cut on the exhaust valves.

The 383 shipped with flat tappet hydraulic lifters and cam installed however I wanted to stay with a roller cam so the engine build is giving me credit for the old cam and timing set and sending me the roller version of the same camshaft with it's timing set.

The new motor comes with a High Volume Oil Pump but you have to transfer the pickup, anyone know a good trick to get what appears to be a pressed in pickup off and reinstalled or am I better off just finding a local shop to do it?

My old motor had a windage tray and I transfered the maincap bolts over to the new motor to mount it. I'm not aware of any reason a windage tray would be a problem on a 383 stroker motor.

Now the things I haven't decided on. I haven't got tons of extra money but I do have time since I was laid off recently. I'm looking at RAM's Horn style Exhaust Manifold as a cheap option. I know someone who runs them but I don't have much testimony on how good they are or if I'm better off running cheaper headers. There is room in the Jtruck for a few different style headers however I know center dumps would be a best fit. I welcome any comments on a cheap exhaust manifold/header solution.

Not sure how many EFI guys are on here but I would like to use the stock ecu if possible. Problem is in 96-99/00 GM used an oddball ecu and a proprietary fuel injector spider setup. I know the mods for this ecu have come a long way but I'm not sure if the stock injectors will handle the 383's fuel needs. Aftermarket EFI seems awfully expensive. I'd like to go EFI instead of carb, I live and travel at high altitude and it can change by over 4000 ft.

Well thats my project.
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