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hey y'all

My name is Michael, aka Hotel. I have spent many years driving a big rig around the country, and now find myself becoming a diesel mechanic. I love to customize, but have never had alot of knowledge on how to do the things I wanted to do, other then pay someone else to do it. Now, I am learning how to do things on my own, and am LOVING the field, and the fact my ideas can now take form.

Thanks for having me, and I will see you out there.

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Welcome Hotel! Lots of good people with good information here.
Welcome to our place, you will definitely learn more here than I did from you at STA.

Michael was one of the instructors at the company I used to work for and taught me a thing or two about driving tractor trailer, then he ended up following me to the company I work for now, even getting on to the same dedicated account.

You will end up making more money fixing the big trucks than driving them.
Welcome to the site.... :thumbup:
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