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hey guys, new here, found the forum some time ago and lost it so have bookmarked it this time lol

well I am 28m from little ole New zealand, I have a 28 year old petrol head partner and two kids.

Currently our driveway is full of (dear I say it here) Mazdas.
I have always had a like for hotrods and plan to starting building one soon.
Looking to build either a 34 roadster or coupe. It will defintely go against convention and 8 cylinders wont be the right count, actualy cylinders wont count at all :) but its all part of the be different style I like. This will allow me to enjoy my import base surroundings while being completely different, while also enjoy the rodding scene (once people accept it lol) while being different as well.

Hope to learn a bit hear and find sources for parts etc.

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