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new to the hotrodders world

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hey all.

i am trey, out of sacramento california.

i own a 1963 futura convertible. it's almost completely stock. The first owners had it for almost all its life, and a family in southern cali had it for about a year, swapping the 3sp manual in the floor for a column ****ed 2sp ford-o-matic to match the original 170 straight six. i picked it up when they realized they didnt have the time or money for it.

i've never been a car guy, but i love this car and i want to be able to enjoy it. i know the idea of leaving it all stock for its antique classic worth, but i would really like the car road-worthy to cruise it on highway 1 and the like.

if any of you owners out there have falcons or know a lot about the ford's in the early 60s. I would love your help and guidance in getting this project working.

i've got a 260 in good shape coming my way from a friend that id like to put in. and im sure that means ill need to put a c4 or better in it to match the engine and bellhousing...

id like to do disc brakes and upgrade the steering on it too and then just beauty it up a bit after its solid again.

any thoughts welcome.

one . beat . consumer @ gmail . com

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Welcome to the site.... :thumbup: Great to have you here... :thumbup:
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