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New to the site...Just came home with a 37 Chevy business coupe....I'm located in the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. Hoping to meet some great minds and get some help with what fits what, what not to do and so on in my build. I'm not new to hot rodding or classic cars but been away from them for a while. Since my last build, a 39 Chevy sedan 15 years + have gone by I'm sure lots of things have advanced. I won't boar anyone with more stuff so check out the pic of the car. There's more to the story but the car comes out of Florida and has been owned for 51 years by a guy that had no idea how to go about building a car. He painted it first....
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At least the hard part (paint) is done and looks good in the photo. (y)

Based on my experience with a friend's 37 sedan, I'd recommend mounting the engine as far back as possible, assuming it's not already in and done. Believe me, you will need the room up front for a fan and shroud.
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