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Hi I'm impressed with some of the highly knowledgeable people here. I want to introduce some basic improvements to my truck so I'm reading up on all those topics. I have a 1989 GMC K2500 with the stock TBI engine setup. The engine is a GM longblock installed in '97. Truck was my Grandpa's and I bought it from my uncle a couple years ago. I have installed bilstein shocks, Moto alloy wheels, 33" BFG AT's, new grille, clearance lights, valance, balljoints, and finally, pulled the Turbo 400 out and installed an NV4500 5 speed. The TBI engine is weak, I expected it to do better with the low miles (~50K). I am working on the normal maintenance items, filters, ignition, timing, backpressure, fuel pressure etc., but I'm thinking about some upgrades. I already have a limited slip 8 lug 3.73 rearend and a soild tranny with the swap, so I'm thinking maybe dual exhaust, Holley 670 CFM TBI upgrade, chip, and interested in the 1.6 lifter setup although I'm not sure I understand it completely yet. The stock air filter intake seems restrictive, I may at least remove the exhaust warm air intake valve mechanism.

I'm restoring a 1990 Leer camper shell and plan to put canoe racks and a light bar on the truck after repainting the cab roof and replacing the windshield and installing a 3-4" lift kit.

I'm looking for lots of torque and moderate horsepower gains. I want better fuel economy (around 13 right now, was worse with turbo 400) and pulling power in the hills.
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