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Ordered the catalog, willys36.


I ordered the following :
Door weatherstrip set & cab weatherstrip set
New door glass - both sides
Window channel kit
Rubber window stops
Plus, I decided to get new handles with one door lock cylinder assembly so I can finally lock her up.

I don't think it's a difficult install and I'm sure looking forward to doing it. Right now, my window channels are ridiculous -- the top-back corners aren't IN the door ; they're sticking out about 3/4 of an inch, which makes me think the windows aren't cut right and on windy days I can feel the wind blowing in. Plus, the window channel kit includes an anti-rattle kit ... these are 2 strips that run along the bottom of the window (where you rest your arm when the window's down) - felt on the inside and rubber on the outside of the glass - at present, I don't have these and more wind gets in.

I just installed AC and I want to enjoy it, so I figured I'd best sure up the doors before the real hot weather comes.

I'll be posting the usual photo-diary of my install at my site, so keep an eye open for the new link and you can see what I've done.

Alan Horvath
<a href="" target="_blank">54 Chevy Pickup</a>
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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