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Hey just purchased a fiberfab kit ( stop laughing :)) It has a corvair mid engine 6 cyl and 4 speed tranny - the body is a GT 12/15 - ?????????

So far the best part is the GM drive line.

I am going to rebuild the engine - supposed to be 140 hp with 4 single barrel carbs.

Included with the deal is a corvair engine and four speed - supposedly set up to run backwards - reverse rotation - (stop laughing :cool:) thats what the guy said.

The other one is a 110 hp with two single barrels carbs.

Major need at this point is a new frame - rails are rusted and look to be 1"x2" tube. Looks realy cheesy.

Also a good book on corvair engines would help. I would like to rebuild the 140 and keep it mid engine still if possible. Steering is older twin beam VW.

Ok - now that youve stop laughing I'll post a picture and go hide - advice Please.

Home turf Buf NY


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Welcome to Hotrodders! From the picture, I'd say you have your work cut out for you. Other than the trans-axle, it looks like a lot of scrap metal.

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