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Let me introduce myself. I am relatively new to hotrodding. I've owned a few already completed cars and am starting my first project. It's a 1934 Chev Coach (master). It's my grandparent's 2nd car after they immigrated and I am making a hot rod out of it.

I have completed the front end (mustang II) and the RR suspension (leaf spring kit). I have the - engine 350 small block and have a tuned port for it. I have a 700R4 transmission for it as well.

My question is regarding the radiator. I plan on having AC as this car will be a family cruiser. Does anyone have any advice or know a good location to get a radiator for this set up? Or do you recommend having the original radiator rebuilt to match this set up?


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Hi there

And welcome aboard :welcome:

Sounds like you have made some good progress...I woudl suggest you post your particular question in the proper forum as a lot of the experts only look in the forum where they have an interest..

I am sure there are some answers for you..

Take care

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