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Hope to spend much time here. Been out of the classic car scene for about 10 years while building a house, garage, side tracked etc...
Getting ready to start the Overhauling.

Currently have 2 1968 Firebirds, One hardtop 400 4 speed. Other is convertible, OHC six cylinder 3 speed. Had the hard top since high school, (first car) had the convertible since mid 80's.
Hard top doesn't need much, convertible will get a frame off resto.

Owned 4 birds total, 67-69.
Two goats, 66, 67
70 Buick GSX
59 Vette
55 Chevy Pick up
68 El Camino SS
Big Block 280Z Pro Gas

Had about 10 other cars, trucks, SUV's for normal transportation and boat hauling.
Several inboard boats, current one is Infinity ZX-1 320 hp
Ski several times a week.
Daily rides are 2003 Expedition, 2004 Ranger Edge.

I'll post pics of garage and projects in the appropriate threads (I hope) as they get going.
Honey-do list is finally done. :boxing:

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Past rides

To be honest, the GSX I'd like to have back and the El Camino.

The Vette, while looking great was not a fun car to drive.
The 55 rattled going over shadows in the road.
The Goats were fun but heavy and to big for my taste.
The Z was a blast but a money pit, what race car isn't?
The other birds were just quick turn around fun projects.
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