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newby.... 37 chevy coupe

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Hello everybody,
I am new to the hot rod world. I have restored and work on willys jeeps since i could work a wrench, but now would like to start a new family project. My great uncle has a 1937 chevy business coupe in his barn. Great body, looks good, but the engine is shot and unknown about the transmission.
I have a chevy 350 and a turbo 400 transmission sitting in my garage. What cutting and welding can i expect for these to be in the car? It seems like a pretty common conversion, I have never done such a job.
Any info is nice.
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hi,, yank out the old,, drop in the new,,may have to do some minor mods,,but if its a chevy,, it's all good..most chevy's are interchangeable...untill you get into "newer stuff"" but it shouldn't be too much trouble.. :thumbup: :thumbup:
I absolutely love '37 Chevy coupes, been looking for a builder for a long time. Just remember, theres so much more to it than just dropping a V-8 and trans. in there.....complete new rear end and suspension, frame strengthening, radiator, hyd. brakes, change over from 6 volt to 12 volt. The list go's on.

There's lots of parts available, look at, good luck with it, lots of work but will be well worth it when complete.
Welcome to the site, yank that 37 out of the barn. You can start a project journal on here so we can watch your progress. :welcome: . Cole
Hey StrayDuck230!

I also have a '37 Chevy project, but mine's a pickup. At the rate mine moves forward, you'll probably beat me to a car show (show and shine, whatever!) and I've already invested about 13 low-intensity years. What 327 nut says is largely true. Your '37 did originally come with "juice" brakes, but the system is old, tired, long-stored and probably in need of replacement. Seriously consider a dual braking system (two reservoirs, so at least some of the brakes work if there is a catastrophy). I also recommend you consider disk brakes, at least up front.

I think there were two different suspensions on the passenger cars, one (I think) was the straight axle, similar to my truck, and I think the other was a sort of independant suspension (called knee action, I think). Seems like the knee action was on the Master models, and the beam on the standard. I suppose either will still work, if put into good condition, but I don't think either was really very good. Just a head's up here.

Lastly, Chevs of the 40's, and others, sell lots of parts, most of them new, a few off their parts vehicles. But those new parts (for 37s in particular) are largely made by a company called I & I reproduction parts. They are in Paramount, CA. I think they sell to the public for near what they sell to the retailers for. You might want to check their web page, and get a catalog. Good luck on your new project, and call on us for help whenever you need it. There is an amazing amount of knowledge here, as I am certain you will learn.

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thanks all. I new it would be a quite a bit of work... never really thought of disc brakes... would be really nice though. Did chevy make a V8 this early, or was it just ford??? It would be cool to have a period motor, but i still would like some power.
Actually Chevrolet made a V8 waaaay back in 1917, it was an overhead valve design but only produced for a few years. The next V8 was as we all know introduced in 1955, if you change yours over keep the 6 banger cuzz you never know who may be looking for one.
there is another newbie and this is me.

I am Mercus from London.
Hi to everybody :D

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