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Hi Petrolheads, Love playing with cars and there ain't enough time to play with them all, but one has to keep trying. Own several at the moment, including.... 2x '77 Rancheros, 1x '79 Ranchero, 1x '79 LTD Woody s/wagon, 1x '78 Mercury Zephyr S/W, '84 Caddy Eldorado, '82 Camaro, '64 Chrysler 300 coupe, 2x Harleys. So still a few to go..
Had a lot more over the years from A's to Vettes.
No idea whats next. Trying to part with a couple now so will buy something else when they've gone.
Love flashy paint on other peoples cars, primer & suede are more user friendly!! hate cleaning cars with a vengence..Love cruising, too old to go fast!! Cheers
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