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Hellow everyone! Nate here from Cincinnati.
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Hi Nate! Welcome!

You have a ride yet? or are you still "looking"??
Yeah i've got a 93 Z28, i'm a member of NKYFBA if you are familiar with it.


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Nice ride. not familiar with NKYFBA is that Camaro body specific club?
Thanks, yes it's at we are all gm guys, mostly f bodies! Trans Ams Firebirds Camaros couple b body impalas!
Cool, car clubs are awesome. I went to a couple events with my dads club, and enjoyed them immensily, My problem is these dudes are all in their 60's and they like to get up at 4am so they can get to the show grounds by 6am..Cant do it... There are some local clubs that I am considering, but most of the ones I really want to join are "invite" only type of clubs... I have a 62 ranchero, and have considered Falcon Clubs, but I find that specific make clubs tend to have alot of SNOBs in you find that to be true with the Camaro people??
Not really, they are all pretty cool we've got people with cars from every generation and every age group it's a pretty diverse group. Coolest thing is the events that we are able to schedule. Being that we are a large group, we get discounted rates.
Yeah thats cool. One club I want to join is more of "rat rod" "led sled" lowrider group. They seem cool, I have met them at shows with my dad, My dad seems to think that they'll like my ranchero, even though its 60's.. it is an all original car, and that is part of their "requiremnt?" My dads groups is fun, but they are not as diverse. ALOT of old dudes. It is a BIG club and all you need to do to join is buy a jacket... alot of the guys are friends that have joined together.. so most of the fun I had was just hanging with my dad and his friends, and I can do that ANY saturday. I'd think that a make specific group would be cool in the "part trading" area, someone is bound to have a "whatever" that you are needing... Lord knows I am waiting for someone who needs a 62 Tail gate so i can trade for some 62 bed trim!!
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