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after problems with vacum leaks at the base bushings and a stuck accel pump I had the carb rebuilt by a reputable carb shop.
every carb he built for me worked flawlessly.
except this one.
ok mixture screws set at 4 turns out
19" of vacum
no external vacum leaks.
primaries work great but once I get into secondaries it sputters and breaks up a bit.
doesnt seem to open secondaries at all?
but in park and operating without a load they open?
any ideas?
Im a holley man and this quadrasuck is a pita!

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It`s not a Quadrasuck. Just because you don`t understand it don`t make it junk. No, the secondary`s don`t operate sitting in park. On some they will and this indicates the secondary thottle plates are out of adjustment. Also be aware there is a secondary lock out tang connected to the choke assembly, if the choke`s not fully opened the lock is in place. If your going down the road and kick it and it back fires then it`s too lean which is a easy fix by simply changing the secondary metering rods for richer ones. You don`t have to remove a bowl or get fuel on you to do so, it`s a simple 3 minute process. The other possibility is the secondary air flaps are either out of adjustment or the spring that has adjustable tension is broken, it also could be the fuel pump is not keeping up the demand for enough fuel. Take the time and read up about Quadrajets and how they work. You`ll be surprised at the number of advantages they have and how simple they are. They look complicated but there not, they operate almost the same as any other carb. The Quadrajet is a Air Dam carb which means it gives the engine what it demands and no more. All I use is Quadrajets. After years of fooling with holley`s and there poor quality control as well as many other carbs I went back to Q-jets and when you learn to tune them they are deadly contenders.
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