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Nitrous question

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Changing to nitrous racing next season with the Camaro, but nitrous oxide is scarce here in my area, Alaska, only one supplier within 100 miles but several welding supply houses locally. Is all nitrous oxide the same, medical "laughing gas" vs. nitrous from a welding supply and race shop nitrous?

Also, are you nitrous racers filtering your systems?

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Yes and no.

Medical grade is the same as automotive use stuff as far as performance, there is no difference.
Nitrous sold for performance is supposed to have 200 PPM sulfer dioxide in revent people from huffing it and getting high....the sulfur dioxide prevents those folks from even one instant attempt to huff it, it is nasty smelling stuff.

Filter between mother bottle or filling pump and smaller bottles to keep those clean, and some use a small sintered brass filter in the nitrous soleniod inlet fitting...some don't due to not wanting any chance of flow restriction.
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