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I have a 1979 K5 Blazer and a couple of months ago I noticed that I had lost headlights. I also noticed no power windows or locks at the same time. I do have brake lights and turn signals. I believe those are the same circut. I did check the fuse box under the dash and all looks good there. Honestly the wiring is butchered, and I am not that good with electrical diagnostics at all. I just need a place to start and what to check, etc.

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you lost a main power wire i bet

check the fuseable links at the starter positive cable stud

one might be melted inside the insulation and you cant tell by simply looking at it

check all the 14 to 10 guage red wires at starter and alternator

all should be hot all the time key on or off both

check circuits in the fuse panel for the lights and such circuits by pulling the fuse and checking with test light

one terminal for fuse should be hot for each fuse.circuit

if not then check all red wires at starter and alt still.

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Check cigar lighter and dome lights.

If these do not work either----a bad fusible link near the starter.
There are two of these--on feeds the ignition buss and the other feeds the battery buss.

power locks should be on a battery buss
Headlights/taillights/dome/lighter/hazard lights/brake lights-----all battery

windows/gages/turn signals/stereo/heater-AC----ignition or accy buss
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