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not enough torque

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This is more a lesson for everybody to read spec sheets properly.

I'm busy re-assembling my 350 SBC and this morning when torqueing the new head bolts I suddenly realized that I didn't read my frikkin spec sheet properly. All torque specs are in lb/ft but my wrench is in N/m! The heads were done right because I saw it as I finished the first "phase". The issue is that I torqued the mains and big-ends and the flexplate with the same N/m value as the lb/ft meaning that 70 lb/ft was only done to about 52 lb/ft due to doing it to 70 N/m! Now I have to remove the motor from the transmission and remove the sump so I can re-torque the relevant bolts! I'm sure this shouldn't be a problem for most of you but for those in areas where N/m is used instead of lb/ft.
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