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'Nother new guy

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Hey all, just wanted to do the newbie thing. I currently do not have a hot rod, or anything close. Yet. What I do have is a little bit of knowledge and the overwhelming desire to jump into something over my head and make a mess of it. We all start somewhere right?

This summer I am going to restore, or attempt to restore my 1986 Dodge Ram 150. It is pretty solid with some minor rust and a creased quarter panel. Oh and a possibly bad 318. By summer's end I hope to make it my daily driver again. My 16 year old son will have his license by then and I will have to give back his 96 Geo metro (yeah...the much sought after 4 door LOL).

So here is what I want to accomplish:
Restore the 86 Dodge
Buy and work on my first rod (and this is where I will drive all of you nuts with Q's)
buy and restore a VW Beetle with my 14 year old daughter (she is the closest of my 3 kids to being a gearhead)

As my name implies, I'm a photographer and used to shoot fitness models. To pay the bills I tell cops where to go (I'm a dispatcher)

OK...nuff said, thanks for reading!
David aka Photog
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Hi David...Welcome to Hotrodders. :welcome:
Welcome to the site.. :thumbup:
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