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Well, I've had the car for about 3 years. It's a 1980 Camaro RS with a 305. Currently, I'm rebuilding it for my senior project at schoo, and I noticed something rather odd. I was jacking up the car so I could get under it and start removing the old exhaust and get the trans and motor ready to pull. When I got to the rear end, I found why the car had been sitting low on one side. I had always thought it was a weak or broken leaf, and just never checked because I didn't have the money to fix it anyway. As I was saying, that wasn't the case. The rear sway bar, was out of the bushing, and up on top of the center leaf spring bracket. I didn't do it because that's the first time I've actually been under the rear of the car to check it. And otherwise, I find it almost impossible that it just jumped out by itself. What do you guys think. Did it jump out on it's own or did someone make a very big mistake and forget to put it back in the bracket???

P.S. I did already fix it now, it only took like 15 minutes.

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