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you can do it, its not real easy but you can do it without pulling the rear
need to use a air grinder or metal saw to cut a 1/4 inch off of head so it will clear enough to put in a gasket. you can make it out of some flat o ring stock.if you are not
use to working on cars and such, dont even start this project.there is a lot of steps you must follow to do it the right way,so you dont have to do it again. see i thought i could skip a couple and had to start over. any way my engine doesn't leak a drop, runs great,
and you can do the same.

things you need from dealer:

1. o ring for shaft (need it to make your circle on flat stock)
2. gasket set for plentum as well as manifold
3. o ring kit for fuel rail
4. quick disconnect(plastic) for heater hose connection next to thermostat housing
5. 2 gallons anti freeze
6. new thermostat
7. spark plugs and wire set if lot of miles on engine i say you have 90,000 or better miles

steps to dismantle: get a magic marker and some sandwich bags for nuts and bolts.
label each one to what it goes to.

1. drain radiator down lower then thermo housing
2. take a good look at sensors that you unplug (take notes)
3. does your engine have a electronic egr valve (be very carefull unpluging and taking
off and out of way)
4. look how your spark plug wires go in and out of plentum (injection cover)
very important you dont pinch these or change how they go in and out of plenum
5. be very carefull with spark plug wires if you are not replacing them, twist them back and forth easy when removing from plug holes (dont pull on wires)
6. undo radiator hose at thermo. housing
7. undo ground from battery
8.take off retaining clip to gas lines, and remove gas lines (they pull straight out)
9.remove air intake hose to injection, unplug sensor and move tube out of your way.
10. remove plenum (injection cover) note there are also two nuts on backside to firewall as well. take duck tape and cover any holes to heads etc. so you dont drop a bolt or anything in one.
11. ok your looking at your injection fuel rail when cover is off, note how injectors wires plug in and where they cross fuel rail.
12. unbolt fuel rail with injectors intack and pull up gently. if you must pry on them pick a point that will not bend or crack anything.
13. ok lets take a look at intake manifold get a strong flashlight and look at each end
and see the bolts down deep in the sides, make sure you get all of them out before you start trying to lift or pry manifold loose. you see shaft that is leaking with hold down clip and bolt. note that the rear head is over it so you cant take it out all the way.
15. now look at how much of head you need to take off about a 1/4 of a inch,that allows you to lift it up out of engine enough to make a gasket. note that this shaft is tapered.
16. before any cutting tape any holes cover anything that any of metal filings can get into.
17. you need a small tube of red high heat silicone
18. you need a strong pick as well as a flat 1/4 inch peace of metal in a upside down L to fill around shaft as you rotate silcone under and over flat stock o ring material.
19. believe me nothing else will work on this motor as it develops 115lb. of oil pressure cold and 80 pounds hot.
20 when you finish and put hold down on it will squeeze down and force o ring material to curl. dont panic its alright. let it sit for 24 hours and cure well.
21. trim off excess with a xacto knife
22. when you put intake back on with new gaskits its going to be a little tough to do.
take your time and dont crosswise any bolts.put a little oil on them and they will turn in easier. you need to tighten intake bolts 18-22 lbs starting with center bolts and working in a circular pattern outwards. "be sure and take your time with this"
ok reverse everything in order and get busy, remember when putting new o rings on injectors put a little clean engine oil in a cup and coat them good when seating back into intake holes.
23. when you fill radiator there are two air bleed screws one in top radiator pipe and one back by firewall for heater hose. open them when filling system,this will force air out of engine and system so you dont cook your motor. when they start spurting anti freeze its full.
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