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rear main seal

4.0L Engine

See Figure 10

Remove the transmission.

Remove the flywheel or flexplate.

Pry the seal out from around the crankshaft flange.

Remove the rear main bearing cap and wipe clean the cap and crankshaft seal surfaces.

Fig. 10: Rear main seal installation on the 4.0L

To install:

Apply a thin coat of engine oil to the seal surfaces of the cap and crankshaft.

Coat the lip of each seal half with clean engine oil.

Position the upper seal half in the block. The lip of the seal faces the front of the engine.

Coat both side of the lower seal's end tabs with RTV silicone gasket material. Don't get any on the seal lip.

Coat the outer, curved surface of the lower seal with soap.

Seat the lower seal firmly in the bearing cap recess.

Coat both chamfered edges of the bearing cap with RTV silicone gasket material.


Be careful to avoid getting and RTV material on the bearing cap-to-block mating surfaces! Doing so would change the bearing clearance!

Install the bearing cap.

Tighten all the main bearing caps to 80 ft. lbs. (108 Nm).

you can get this insormation on autozone web sight-repair section
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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