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oil problems 72 'C10

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My 72' 350 has a bad oil leak.First it was only the valve covers.I sealed it with some Silicone and no more oil comes out the valve covers.But I ran the engine longer and went to park the truck in a different spot and had an oil drip,quite a bit was coming out actually.So im puzzled were it's coming out of.It's not coming out of the back of the block(Oil pressure fitting).And not out of the valve covers.I've got a dipstick in.When I looked under,oil was dripping off the bottem of the oil pan,filter,into the crossmember,and headers.So im stumped any ideas?Im registering this vehicle at the 5th of feburary.So Im trying to work out the small problems so it can be driven on the streets.
I also have a problem with the lights.So far the only lights that work are the headlights.No other lights work in the entire truck.Not even brake lights.They all did work.But I cant seem to figure out why they stopped working.All the fuses look good.I had to redo the alternator wiring when I dropped this motor in.Im not sure if that has something to do with it.
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rear main seal is likely shot. drop the torque converter/ flywheel cover, if it has oil in it, likely the rear main seal is bad
oil problems72c-10

Yeah what Matt167 said, on oil seal . But be aware if Oil is leaking from several places . Oil Pann, Valve cover's, Oil Seal , Oil' filter, Front Pulley, etc Could be Compression leaking intoo the oil System . 120 PSI in a system designed for 40 - 80 PSI max . Via Brokin Ring , Badd Valve guide etc. Sean
I'll pressure wash and check tommorrow.I've also noticed that it only seems to be affecting the passenger side.The oil drips on the headers causing smoke.This is also a brand new engine.Only a few miles on it.
I've also noticed that it only seems to be affecting the passenger side.The oil drips on the headers causing smoke.
Might also consider that this being a new engine did you put a short bolt in the front mounting hole just infront of where the fuel pump mounts...? Its a full through hole that allows you to put a long threaded bolt in to hold the fuel pump rod in place when R&R`ing the mechanical fuel pump... If you dont put a short threaded bolt in this hole then anything over about 3k rpm it will push oil out and down the right side of the engine... Also there is another mount hole right above it but no need to plug it... :thumbup:
I went to check this morning and I I got the wrong oil filter,So I got the right one.And it stopped with the big leak.But there is still some dripping on the right header.From somewhere because it's wet and will start to smoke when running for awhile.
You have 3 separate problems.

Bump might be right.

You must thoroughly clean the engine and dry.
Start and run 2 min, check leaks. If none, run 3 min., etc until leak source shows. Don't drive. Air might be blowing oil all over the place.

Lights are one problem.

Alternator is another problem.
did you ever get the oil leak fixed?? I have had the rear end seal leak on the intake manifold, (no I didn't use the stupid stock gaskets) I used silicone and I had to reposition the intake and it left a tiny little gap, and one time I had a small valley in my silicone leaving a tiny gap. I cleaned the area with brake parts cleaner, and applied silicone with my finger to the joint, let it set up and problem cured. Just a thought, Brian
Does anybody use the "stupid stock gaskets" on the ends of the intake manifold??? I've heard that if you do, you are asking for a leak.
I just used plain old silicone at the back of the intake.I pressure washed then clean off the engine with a terry cloth.I have a small leak coming out of the filter,damn autozone lol,jk.I have'nt checked again because I want to get the right filter then check again.I will let you know how it goes when I check again.
Are you oiling the gasket before you put the filter on? If you don't oil the gasket on the oil filter (like it says on the filter) you will have a leak.
I wonder if it's the oil filter mounting base?? Find it hard to believe 2 bad filters in a row........Brian
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