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Faulty oil pump or what?

Okay here is the story first.

I got a s-10 blazer 2.8l v6 it needed a cam and lifters i take the motor out replace the camshaft the lifters new timing chain and gears new OIL PUMP and NEW PICKUP SCREEN and i replaced all the gaskets includeing head gaskets and valve seals.

So i get it all back to geather i start it up break in the cam shaft and shut it off no driveing that day and the car is carrying 60- 80 pounds of oil.
The next day i get in i drive an estamated 45-50 miles some stop and shut off and sum free way its carrying 40-60 pounds of oil pressure and at the end of this night iam driveing home and the car starts loseing power lots of power coughing threw the carb and stuff almost like it jumped time so i slow down and come to a slow stop the oil pressure is at 10 or lower and the cheack engine light comes on the car koncked for a seciond and then it shut off.

I get it towed back to my house the next day i start it back up no knocks and the oil preassure is at 80 cold. I let it run for about 5-6 munites it goes to 40 then a few munites later it goes to the line in between 40 and 0.
So i put it in gear it almost droups to 0 and knocks for a seciond and the check engine light comes on and it shuts off.

So i drain all of the oil out and send one of those little cameras with the light on it through the drain plug hole to make sure the pickup is still on the oil pump and it is.

So do you guys think its is a faulty oil pump or what?

Also what do you think Autozone is gonna do about this the part is still under warrnty and i have all of my recipts.

All help is apriceated iam going to the auto parts store tomrrow mourning.
Thanks Eric
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