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Hello everyone, I'm and old guy with a torn down "55" post.
Just wanted to say hello to youall and that I will be asking questions soon. My "55" is completely disassembled with a fresh powdered frame and alot of new parts to install. I have a 350 .30 over with a mild cam and flattop pistons. The tranny is a rebuilt 700R4 and the rearend is stock. I have the 9 inch in works but not ready at this time. Disk for the front with rear drums. Went ahead and put on a serpintine setup off of a 92 chevy, looks good.
The boss told me tonight that I was getting on her nerves so she ok'd it for me to bring the"55" in out of the cold and she would keep her car outside if only I would stay out there until bedtime, HEY HEY!!!!!!
Hope to be sending some pictures once it gets a little more presentable.
Well I guess you can tell how old I am the way I ramble on, the only thing I can say to that is "if you live long enough you'll get there too".
Thanks for reading.
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