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Old iron at work

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I had this bookmarked in my computer. It is interesting that these are in use today.

Old trucks
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I personally like the green '36. But all of them are beautiful pieces of machinery. I am glad that they are still getting good use the 2nd time around instead of just sitting in someones field rotting know....waiting for the owner to 'restore' it someday.
Thats cool! I love to see that I have a few old working trucks but not that old. but they are antiques this year lol 80 mod F 800 and my daily driver 79 F 150.
I would love to have a old 50 mod COE to make into a dually to drive.
no coment:evil: :evil: :evil:

yeah dude, I would kill for one of those. Talk about unique.

that old truck site is cool ,,,there are a lot of really good links if a person picks around on here
Ya just gotta love old working least I do.
right on i have 3 trucks,, a76 gmc 1/2 ton,,,just about 300,000 miles,,,,a 1973 gmc 3/4 looks really great no rust ,,,ok a little patch on the pass door,,,and my fav my 1966 gmc short box fleet side ,,,lots o parts and a unfinished flip front end ,,,yes i drive it but i dont have a real good way to fasten down the flip,,,,i really like old stuff,,,,momma bear has a 73 leman sports cuope ,,,and theres a 54 buick century 2 dr hardtop at my dads place,,,,old stuff is cool

when i get my pic put in the corner my truck will be on it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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