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Old oil can

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I didn’t know where to put this so if the mods need to move it, that’s fine.

anyone know how old this can is? I’m thinking late 70s but I’m not sure.

anyone here know or remember?

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I was able to do some sleuthing and figured out the relative age of the can I found.
Embossed on the top is:
SAE 10w
For services SE CC-MS

that puts the can To be for new vehicles made between 1971-1979. So it is late 70’s just as I had suspected and hoped.

I’m Going to clean the top up with some never dull and it will be a gift for my buddy.

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I also remember the oil change filler they used to use at the local Ford garage when they had metal cans.

It was an angled metal trough with five or six spikes sticking up to pierce the cans, and a spout coming down from one end. You put the spout in the oil filler in the valve cover, and then pushed the oil cans down onto the spikes in the trough. As each can was pierced the oil ran down the trough and into the engine. When you got done it was easy to know how much oil you added because there would be five cans stuck on the spikes on the filler.
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