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one piece fiberglass front end for 69 camaro???

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I have a 69 camaro and I would really like to get the fiberglass one peice nose for it, but a all I can find are noses for the 67-68. They sell the seperate fenders and nose peices but not the one peice for the 69. Does anyone know where I can find the 69 nose piece??
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Try <a href="" target="_blank"></a> They have a 69 one piece front end. Part #g1902. I'm not sure if this is what you want. I cheked with VFN fiberglass and they did not have one. All that means is that I did not see one. You may also want to check Usbody and up22. Find what you want then ask if there is anyone who has dealt with your provider. Trust me on this one I learned the hard way. It only cost me 500. I have heard of worse...............t
Check they list a 69 "pro" front end as part number CAC-4 for $749.00 Good Luck!
I was able to get a full glass nose for my 62 vette,
be createive on the net and you will get one.

Im reworking one on my buddys 69 camaro right now. Not sure where it came from though. It was on the car when he purchased it several years ago. I do not like the flange style mounting of the hood. If harwood makes one that is the one to buy. They fit better than any other brand I have installed.

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Harwood makes one that uses a hood with a normal outside lip. Looks much better than the flange style mounting.
I have a 69 camaro and I would really like to get the fiberglass one peice nose for it,

Here left side click 67-69 Camaro, it´ll show "Fiberglass Parts".
That would look cool if the entire front clip flipped up instead of just the hood opening.
Maybe they´d do a special order and bond the hood of your choice onto the front end.
Or buy the parts and do it yourself.
A 69 front end was found though was´nt it ?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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