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The symptoms are

1) high temperatures
2) steaming
3) coolant going on the ground
4) use of a LOT OF bad words........
5) motor knocking or locked up
6) hissing noises
7) frying noises


I believe you meant the cure for overheating.......:D

1) clogged radiator
2) bad water pump
3) collapsed hoses
4) timing issues
5) restrictive exhaust
6) not enough air flow to the radiator
7) stuck or wrong range thermostat

These were not in any order......just as I typed them..........


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More probable causes:

Blown head gasket(s)
Warped head ( more common on aluminum heads)
Cracked head ( usually indicated by oil/water mixing in crankcase)
Cracked or split cylinder wall ( absolute worst case scenario, block replacement or sleeving required)

I would run through the list of things deuce gave you before moving on to these. If all else checks out, pull the heads and you'll usually have your answer.

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overheated engine

sorry guys (my bad) communications, (that always gets me in trouble} I ment the symtoms of an engine that has already been overheated by someone else, and wants to sell it to me.
sorry again, and thanks oldnable
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