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Hello All,
Not new to site, but just now registering for the sake of getting some desperately needed assistance with my 68 Impala.
As subject line refers, I have a 327 C.I engine (new crate) and she's tied to a Turbo 400 tranny. This engine has been great since day 1 of installation, however, she gets way too hot for my comfort. The engine itself puts out about 320 horses at 390 foot pounds of torque. She's contantly running 200-220 in normal conditions and inches even further upwards when sitting in traffic. Even in the mornings on the 4 mile drive to work, she's hitting close to 200 when I arrive. She's sounds and runs awesome at low temps, but this is very short-lived. After heating up, the performance starts heading downward and the engine sounds a little "noisy". Not metal to metal slapping or anything scary like that, but just not sounding clean.
I have done the following since installation of this engine:

New OEM replacement radiator
New upper and lower hoses
New stat (160 hi-flow)
New Edelebrock peformance water pump
New Permacool electric fan (pulls some major air, stock fan assembly has been removed)
Removed tranny lines from radiator and installed seperate tranny cooler.
Flushed cooling system. Running 70/30 mix + wetter.
Checked and re-checked timing.
Checked and re-checked fuel/air.
Installed bypass line from water pump to manifold.

With that said, the only thing that's missing is the fan shroud. The original shroud was pretty well wasted and is no longer in possession. I know this is HUGE, but it seems an unlikely cure given the fact that my electric fan is pulling such an enormous amount of air through there. I'm ordering an OEM replacement shroud from Classic, but I don't feel this will be the cure. Also, the AC and condensor have been removed, so this is not limiting air flow.
My feeling is that I need to lose the OEM radiator and put in either a 4-core replacement or an aluminum from Be-Cool. But I'd much rather get some expert opinion from the masses before dumping that kind of money.
I'm open to any suggestions from the board. Thanks in advance!

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Add a shroud. You will not believe the difference it makes. I had a '72 Im,pala with a 400 and removed the shroud one day to change some belts. Instant overheating. Putting the shroud back on cured it.. BTW..welcome.

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