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Paint gun recomendations

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Howdy Rodders

I'd like to get some recomendations from anyone experianced in body\paint work (which most Rodders are...except me).

I'm a mechanic by trade with very little body/paint experiance. The last vehicle I painted was over 15 years ago. At that time I used a siphon type gun that went into storage untill today. It didn't do well during it's idle life and is now my primer gun.

The build on my '45 Ford truck is now to the point I'm doing body/paint work (and am now remembering why I chose the grease end of this biz). I plan on painting Uethane Paint with a clear coat for the final finish.

My questions are:

Do you prefer gravity or siphon guns?

Which brands and what model numbers?

What nozzle size is best?

I hope this is enough information on which to make recomendations. If not, please ask me questions.

Thank you
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I like the pressure pot guns 'cause the head is free to shoot any angle. I'v got a 2 quart HVLP setup I got at Harbor Freight on one of their sales for about $80 and I love it. I know the painting experts out there will tear me up for this recomendation but I couldn't bring my self to buy a Binks or DeVilbiss where the head costs $300 then you need to accessorize. Hard to pay that out when you paint one car every three or five years. I've painted three cars with my gun and the jobs are as good as the big boys!
yes devilbiss is one of the best if not the best out there, but some $50-$100 guns will do just perfect, make sure they're HVLP high volume, low pressure type,(puts more paint on ur rod than in the air, thus reducing VOC's that are illegal in most professional body shops. I'd recommend gravity feed cup too, they're recommended by most professionals.
Gravity feed guns are the best way to go. As far as brands go everyone has their own favorite. I prefer Sata spray equipment, in particular the NR 2000 and the Jet 90. The 2000 is an HVLP and the 90 is not. Both give excellent results when using urethane paints. These are not cheap guns though.Some of the cheap gravity guns are copies of the old Sata Jet B guns and give pretty decent results considering the price of them. I think Harbor Freight sells these guns. As far as nozzle size a 1.4mm works well with urethanes.
I agree - the Sata hvlp is the best. (It's gravity feed). I pd about $500 for mine about a yr ago.....There is a web site for this type of info - I think its AUTOBODYSHOP.COM
Try this link.

It gives directions and model numbers for the Harbor Freight guns. I have friends that have used these guns with great success!
Our paint department at Freightliner just swaped over to the Sata HVLP guns. They take a bit to get used to if your an old siphon gun guy. they swear by them up in the booth, and we save considerable money in waste paint using these guns.
Now, at the shop, I have a ragged Devillebiss and an old Sharps that I love. It's more that I am used to them and I know their temperment.
thanks for the info. I painted my tbucket sunday with a regular siphon type of gun, I'ver been wanting the hlvp, now I know where to get a decent sprayer for a lesser price. the 36 ford will be next, I'll be spraying pieces as I get them done.
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