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Paint it

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Is it better to remove the doors when you paint the door jams? And if you do Should you paint doors on or off the car? or do I make any sense at all?
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if you want a well detailed show type paint job paint the doors off the car you can get a lot better coverage on the front inner recesses of the body and the door. also looks best if you are doing a color change Why do the ugly colors seem to last so long?
Oh yeah most definetly remove the doors but a bit of advise! i had a car painted by a buddy and this is what happen....., we removed the doors then painted the door jams and the cab and the inside of the doors on the same day , then the next day he painted the outside of the doors, it wasnt good the color was different! so make sure that you paint door jams on one day the the outside of the car another you wont be able to tell the different between the dorr jam and the outside of the car!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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