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Ok, I want to start body work and painting my 1991 Mustang.

I have a few small dents, the body panels don't align very well and the paint is all cracked on the flexible rubber bumpers

I also want to remove the body molding and fill the holes and get rid of the pin stripe.

I will be doing it over a period of time(3-6 months prolly) But eventually i would like to spray out the black color and clear in a spray booth.(maybe, or maybe one panel at a time in my shop) So i need to know what to do while i'm working on it and still driving it.

I will be welding up the holes in the body from the molding, and then using light filler. Then i want to paint over it with some black flat primer or somthing that will take the weather and that i will not have to strip off to paint the car later on and so the car doesn't look horrible while i'm still doing body work

Also, how possible is it to get good results painting one panel or door at a time? I will be doing a glossy black, good these results be gotten without a spray booth using the HF purple HVLP gun?

So basically i need to know what to paint over the primer with that is weatherproof and won't need to be stripped to do the final paint job(and is in a spray can if possible) if not a rattle can please recommend somthing i can use in my purple HVLP gun.


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Your best bet as far as primer is concerned is Epoxy. It will protect from the moisture that anything else will absorb. It is not available in a spray can, except one brand that I have not tried, or even seel locally. Sorry, can't remember the name. It comes in special cans that have 2 compartments, than mix together. Any other aerosol can primer is in it's correct location, IN THE CAN! It should not be used on a car at all. The epoxy will protect from moisture, but is not UV protected. It will need to be sanded and recoated before painting, but not stripped. I would also spray epoxy over any bare metal before applying any filler.

I, as well as many others here, use SPI epoxy, as it is very user friendly and they have great customer support. It is also more solvent resistant than some other brands that have been discussed here. It can be sprayed with that Purple gun, but it will most likely come out textured unless reduced. That is not a problem as it is PRIMER, and will need to be sanded before painted over, unless it is within 7 days, and kept inside.

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