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Painting a new car

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Been giving some serious thought to a new Saturn Sky Red Line roadster.

I'd like to order one, but there's a 12 month wait.

There are a few out there, new and slightly used, but I haven't been able to find one in the color combo I want.

So, I was thinking, since I've painted a few cars, and these things are pretty darn small, it wouldn't cost all that much to buy one in the "wrong" color, and paint it myself in the summer. I figure it would be easier to obtain one now, before spring comes along and everyone else starts thinking about convertibles too.

I've never painted a new car - always older ones with sad paint and usually some bodywork.

I figure something like this would be relatively easy, comparatively - no body repair to do, maybe just some light blocking to remove any factory imperfections.

How would you guys go about doing something like this for maximum longevity?

Just skuff the existing finish, use a 2k primer, and then paint?

Would it be worth covering the existing finish with epoxy primer as a sealer, or would that be a waste of time/money over a solid factory finish?

This would be a second car, so I would have no problem disassembling it completely to paint every surface required, but I would really prefer to only do it once over the next couple of years ;).
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I don't know about the construction of this car at all, never worked on one. But if it is a like an SL2 where all the panels come off in minutes, hell yes that would be an easy repaint. But if they don't do that, and you have the typical jambs, rad support and stuff like that (on the SL2 the jambs and under hood and trunk are ALL black regardless of car color) then you are REALLY wasting your time.

Check out buying a car you want out of town and flying there to get it. I just had a friend do that and saved a boat load of money INCLUDING the air fair.

Thanks Brian,

I'd have to look at the car in more detail to see how the panels attach - if I can figure it out at all without diving in.

Even going out of town, I may not be able to find one in the color(s) I want, and if I do, I may have to pay a several thousand dollar premium - these things are that hard to get. There seem to be a lot of white ones, and, of course, I really hate white cars.

Plus, the more I thought about it, I have a couple color ideas beyond what the factory offers that I believe will look pretty fantastic - enough that it would be worth it to me to own the only vehicle of its type in that color.

Specifically and especially, there's a pale yellow pearl that was offered only on 1993 Cadillac Allantes. I think it would be a perfect color for the Sky, and I'd have the only one like it.

For me, the hardest part about painting was being able to stretch over the car to get the metallic to lay right, and doing all the bodywork. Those are hardly an issue with a car this tiny and this new. I wouldn't have a problem spending the extra time to end up with something I really want that would be unique.

This pic doesn't do the color justice, but since only 88 Allantes came with it, pics are difficult to find. Its a basecoat/midcoat pearl:

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ckucia, I hope this attachment works. This dealer has 3 of them. Hope this helps ya.
Ok, I'm not good at this stuff. Just go to ..Saturn of pre-owned and go to page 6 and scroll down, there you will find 5 of them. Good luck
If its a new factory paint job, Assuming any paint flaws will be minor and sand out easily. I don't see why you would really need to use any sealer or primer. Just sand and shoot over the factory finish. White would be a good ground color for a pale yellow to go over I am pretty sure.
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