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painting car on saturday need helpp plzzz

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wuz up peepz..
well me here with my little integra tat has a few area tat has nasty rust and few area has small rusts.. well for small rust can i just sand it down to metall and then not do anythin and then prime and paint????

second question.. for big rust what do i do? sand it to metal and do i need to use bondo?

third question... if i use bonda in a year or 2 is it going to pop out???

fourth question... black centari paint any good?

fifth question... how do i mold little holes like the antenna hole and the emblem holes? bondo?.. stuff news paper in the hole and then bondo?

six question.... please suggest me more stuff on how to do body work plzz... i got some guy who sandblast big trucks who is paintin it only... well hope i get some good answers

thx much...
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Sit back, grab a soda and listen.

If you want a nice car, you better have some time on your hands because this won't be a few hour thing with all you want to do.

First question: For surface rust sand it off annd if its not pitted you can simply sand it off to the bare metal and prime it. If its pitted refer to the same named post in this section.

2. If it is rusted through you need to make a patch panel out of sheetmetal and weld it in then smooth it with body filler like bondo or fiberglass or metal 2 metal.

3. No if you mix the filler correctly and apply it correctly it will not "pop out" in a year. Body filler should only be applied no more than 1/4" thick, but many have applied it thicker and it lasted just fine, but its not recomended.

4. Centari is a fine paint. Look back in this section there is a previous post about it.

5. No do not fill wholes with newspaper and put bodyfiller over them. Its been done, but its neither recomended/good or correct. Fill these holes with sheetmetal welded into place and smooth with body filler, small holes like emblem holes cn be filled with bodyfiller if backed with something like tape, but welding is recomeneded.

If you need more help feel free to contact me through e-mail.

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