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Painting over Lacer/sp?

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The paint on my 53 Chevy is cracking, spider webs and mirror type fractures. Do I need to completely strip off the old Lacer/sp? paint to put something over it? This is not original paint, the car was stripped and painted by a paint shop/car owner 15 years ago and only used as a show car till I bought it and started driving it.

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I would strip and repaint if it was my car. I don't like to paint over anything even if it can be done safely. I'd strip it down and correct any body flaws and repaint with a urethane.

The correct spelling is Laquer, I'm proud to say I know that one :D

HalloweenKing is right on, cars that old (since last restoration) were probably painted with lacquer because it gave the smoothest "show" finish when buffed out. Unfortunately lacquer is very brittle and does not have the durability of the finishes on the market today. If you're looking to keep the car for awhile and really want a superior finish, strip it down, slick out the body, and then start from scratch with a quality paint product like House of Kolor or PPG.... :cool:
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