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Painting wheels..

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Ideally powdercoating would be the ticket but I'd like to paint them to match the cars paint. They have chrome "moon" caps but the outside ring would still match.

Is this a waste of effort? (I was going to sanblast, prime, and paint them). I'm just affraid the paint is just going to chip off when they put the wheels on the machine to mount the tires?

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Looks cool

If your tire guy is decent he can put the tires on W/O damaging the paint..ask him if he can put the balnce weights on the inside of the wheel so you don't see them..

Baby moons with wheels painte to match look good..:D
they were white, I was going to paint them the orange/red color to match the car and then put on whitewalls to still get that accent ;)
I have the same wheels as you are talking about on my 69 Bug now. I just scuffed, primed, and painted with rattle-can products and I have had tires mounted on them 2-3 times without any chips. I have a really good relationship with my tire guy too, that helps! But you should be fine with paint. The cost difference may have you thinking about having a couple of extra cans of the paint put into rattle cans for future touch-ups. Most paint suppliers can have this done for you.
I have over a half gallon left from my paint job so I am good with paint. Kind of a pain to mix, spray etc but I do have it :)
I had these powder coated white and painted the (sanded)center yellow with my catalyzed base/clear urethane. I too was worried about dark chips on the white base color. Check into powder coating - I have found it to be a very good value and quite affordable.
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there is no question that powdercoating is very durable however i cant count how many sets of rims i've painted for both cars and motorcycles and never had a problem with chipping. you must understand though, no matter what its coated with, paint or powder, rims take a beating and if hit hard enough either one will chip. proper prep is going to be a key in painting wheels. sand them real good with 80 grit or better yet blast them, spray epoxy primer, let set up an hour or two then basecoat and clear. dont let the epoxy completely cure. use it like it were a sealer, this assures a good chemical bond with basecoat or your single stage.

mrcleanr6 is right and the only thing on the bad side of powder coating if you do chip it you can't go "touch it up" , you start over right back to step 1- sandblasting the wheel.
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