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patch pannels

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Hello yes I am looking for patch pannels for my 57 chevy 210 2dr wagon.. I just need to know were a site is or a place that has a good deal on patch pannels
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Try H&H Classic Chevy Parts in Bentonville ARkansas. Herman and his son Trey have the knowledge and the inventory to help you out. If not with patch panels with other things and advice.
They're top notch folks in my book!
ok thanks much...really the car isnt mine its my friends but im just trying to help him out and we are young kids we dont have all the info on stuff like this we try our best to get information on the car and stuff Im only 18 and my buddy is 17, him and I are doing this project on our own its going to be alot of work. If you know anywhere that we can get the seats reapolstered that great too...
H & H is a very good company and they also hit a lot of the large swap meets in the midwest. I have bought a few things for my 57 210 4 door wagon. :cool:
yeah hes got a 57 210 2dr wagon its just like most of its clean and straight except for the like that whole bottoms of the sheet metal on the car so we need to replace all the bottom parts of the pannels. Yeah his wagon is kinda rare its really hard to find one like his online i have seen just a few his is the 57 2dr 210 with windows going all the way around not the panels.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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