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I have no clue as to how to do any of this, and would really appreciate some help.

I want to change the color of the hood and upper body/roof to a metallic charcoal, install Mini Cooper headlights and these wheels. (The color for the body can be the same as the wheel centers.) Can anyone help me out? Thanks!


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Photoshop can be very complicated. Do a search for each item that you want to change. Hope you have a lot of time on your hands. lol

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You want gimp. It is the cheap app for the rest of us.

Download Gimp Free

To send the stuff out you need to export it as say a . jpg.

In gimp you can paste the picture then use the lasoo tool and hold shift then click over the hood until the entire hood is selected.

Then cut that section (Ctrl X)

Make a “new layer” from the layer tab

Go to “windows” and open recently closed docs to find the layers tab if it is not visable.

Click on the “new layer” or anything not named background. Then paste before double clicking so the marks stop moving.

If done right you should be able to click on the eye and make the car invisable/visable.

Now click on the layer tab under the layers window (new layer) with your hood in it then go to the “colors” selection up top and select Hue/saturation.

You have 3 slide bars that will let you change the color easily to what ever you can think up.

With the headlights and wheels that is a bit diffrent you can make a new layer then paste the thing into that layer. Then you want to scale the image so it fits close.

There is a tool called “perspective” which is not in gimp. Perspective allows you to take a image and change the angle of it to a degree so that the rims would be at the same angle as the car kind of deal. Only program I know that you can do that with thats free is Mediabang. But they use a complicated 1/2 text password that can be a headache and it takes up more space then Gimp.

When your happy just save it as a gimp file(which will let you edit it And/or export it as a .jpg so you can upload it to a picture service such as which is what I use thanks to photobucket.

Here is a quick mod to the hood. Note it is not perfect just done in a minute or so to get the point across.

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